Sparkling Cider with Corks

Sparkling Cider with Corks
Within the wine and juice industries, the debate continues. Should a bottle be sealed with a twist-off cap, an aluminum crown cork needing a church key, a wine cork that is flush with the top of the bottle, or a champagne-style mushroom cork with the wire cage? If "cork", is it real cork, synthetic cork, or plastic equivalent? Not surprisingly, all types are found in our juice menu.

If you are looking for something with a champagne-style closure that "pops" when opened, these products meet that criteria!

Chateau Normandie Sparkling Apple Cider, France
The French have done it again with the launch of Chateau Normandie Sparkling Apple Cider. Using centuries-old methods gives this cider a character and taste remarkably smooth to the palate. Savor it like a premium wine and you will discover that in France, excellence and tradition also come free of alcohol!

KUDOS: "Chateau Normandy is packed with Granny Smith apple tartness that's balanced by earthly hints of apple peel and subtle cinnamon." IMBIBE Magazine, November/December 2009.

Mushroom Cork with Wire Cage
Sparkling Chokecherry Champagne Cider, Parenteau"s Gourmet Foods, Canada
Parenteau's Gourmet Foods is an Aboriginal Canadian company. Founded in 1991, the company diversified into the beverage industry in 1999. Today it produces four "Champagne-style" sparkling juices including this sparkling Chokecherry cider. Because chokecherry juice is so unique, we submitted the product to a panel of judges for their taste evaluation. The decision was unanimous: it would be a great addition to the SweetwaterOrchards menu of products!

Plastic Mushroom Cork with Wire Cage
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Sparkling Raspberry Champagne Cider, Parenteau's Gourmet Foods, Canada
Parenteau's Gourmet Foods, an Aboriginal Canadian company, expanded its product line in 1999 with the launch of its Raspberry "Champagne" cider. Today the company also markets Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry, Saskatoon Berry, and Chokecherry "champagnes" that are all non-alcoholic.

Plastic Mushroom Cork with Wire Cage